Engineering and Manufacturing.

Understanding your needs is our business.

For many engineering and manufacturing businesses, the last few years have been the most difficult. Those that have come through, often leaner and fitter than before, can look forward to more prosperous times ahead - but only with an active approach to the challenges that still remain.

Key issues for firms to address include:

  • Financial control. How efficient are you at converting profits into cash? How well do you know the cost structure of your operations - and how carefully do you control it?
  • Targeted marketing. Can you tell which of your products are profitable and which are not? Do you know the profit you earn from each of your customers?
  • Quality in manufacturing. Are your systems good enough to cope with just-in-time purchasing and stock control? Are you registered for BS EN ISO 9000 (formerly BS5750)?

Our Engineering and Manufacturing service is aimed at your special circumstances. A systematic and imaginative approach to these areas will distinguish the winners and losers in the years to come.

  • Managing for Profit - we outline our aims for working with you, with emphasis on improving profitability.
  • Casting a fresh eye to stimulate change - we cover some of the various areas on which we can advise.
  • Planning for Growth - how growing the business doesn't just happen, it has to be planned.

Keelings' experience of working with engineering and manufacturing businesses is extensive. Get the right professional help now by talking things over with us.

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